About Dean

Photography has played a large part in my life. The love of travel and photography has taken me to new places, stimulated my interests in history, culture, and allowed me to encounter the world’s beauty. Travel affords me the opportunity to search new and exciting locations and explore for those images that will express its culture, architecture, and physical environment.
Photography has installed within me a heightened sense of awareness of my surroundings, inspiring me to continuously pursue those images in out of the way, and often overlooked hiding places.
The viewfinder has the ability to concentrate my attention and enable me to capture the world in a new light or via a unique angle.
If only one of my images brings a sense of joy or serenity to someone’s life then I will feel a sense of accomplishment.
Photograph by G. Turner Scheytt

Photograph by G. Turner Scheytt

Dean R. Scheytt